PICTURE IT. A canoe so light you can put-in, take-out and portage with ease. Opening your world to more waterways than you ever thought possible. Pack up the family and get out with LINCOLN. Explore your world.

Standard rail trim on all canoes is either aluminum or vinyl in prices as shown. Upgrade to handcrafted ash wood rails for an additional cost. 

Meet the Lincoln Canoe family.

Hidden Pond 12' and 14'
from 1,395.00

Inspired, designed and proudly handcrafted in the U.S.A.

The Hidden Pond is one of our most popular canoes. Perfect for the active family.

The Hideaway
from 1,345.00

Headed out there solo? This is the perfect fit.

Tripping Canoes

The Concord
from 1,595.00

The Concord is one majorly sweet canoe. This boat has won the praise of many paddlers for its excellent handling characteristics and rightfully so.

The 5.3
from 3,145.00

The 5.3 Meter is one of the finest tripping canoes available. It can carry a large load across open water or down a whitewater river. Its flared bow sheds excess water. A sliding bow seat to adjust the trim is standard

Sporting Canoes

The Sportsman
from 1,345.00

Whether your prey is duck or trout, the 14' Sportsman is designed to a perfectly stable platform for all the hunting and/or fishing you can fit into the season.