The Trinity of Kayaking - Boat, Blade and Body Come and Meet the Maker

  • The River Connection 30 River Rd Hyde Park, NY, 12538 United States


Choosing the Right Kayak by Design

Marc Bourgoin – Owner & Builder of Lincoln Kayaks

Learn what various features, designs and construction translate in how a kayak behaves on the water. Who better than the man that lives, breaths and shapes kayaks everyday? 


Pairing the Perfect Paddle – Cathy Fleischer Co-Owner Lendal Paddles Learn what to look for in a paddle to best match your personal style of kayaking from Cathy, Professor (PhD) of Paddles. (yes, really!) 


Biomechanics of Paddling – Marshall Seddon – Co-Owner/Lead Instructor The River Connection, Inc.
From years of experience instructing and marathon kayak racing, learn how better use of biomechanics results in more energy, better efficiency, less effort and more fun on the water. 

Take this class to the water. Stay for The River Connection Demo Day to try kayaks by Lincoln, P&H, North Shore, Venture, and Valley as well as paddles by Lendal, Werner and Saltwood.