Our Youngest Model, the Seguin.

One of the first things Marc Bourgoin did when he gained ownership of LINCOLN was to add a new boat to the family. Although he was new to the brand, he was well versed in the world of paddling. With 25+ years of paddling experience he set out to add a boat to the LINCOLN family. He sought out help from Maine's premier boatbuilding school, The Landing School and an idea started to become a reality. 

"They told me to write the features of the perfect boat down on anything," recalls Marc. "So I literally jotted everything I wanted in the Seguin on a cocktail napkin and they worked their magic." Marc designed a boat that brought something new to the family. It's a playful boat, loves waves and surf. The boat is a beautiful addition to the LINCOLN family and we hope you enjoy this time-lapse photography of a Seguin from start to finish. 

Why Saltspray?

Because to us, saltspray is what adventure tastes like. Salt is a basic yet integral component of natural life and as a word it weaves its way through our language. At Lincoln we seek out the salt of the earth to join us on the next adventure, our boats are worth their salt, and we've all bought a lobster (or several) from a salty 'ol fisherman while paddling the coast of Maine. Saltspray. It's our blog and we hope you'll enjoy.