The Isle Au Haut and I

Guest Blog Entry from Nick Dyslin.

From time to time we get visitors who we welcome as they pleasantly interrupt the whir of shop’s activities. Recently, one such visitor was the one-of-a-kind, retired rep, Nick Dyslin. Over the years, Nick has helped us open doors and continue to build Lincoln’s network of dealers. He’s also, we’re proud to say, an avid fan of the Lincoln line. So far Nick has paddled about half of the Lincoln kayaks and enjoyed all of them. After spending the late season paddling in the Isle Au Haut, Nick wrote us the following and we couldn’t wait to share:

It was at the event in Maine when Sandy Martin introduced the Lincoln Isle Au Haut. My job at the time was selling and distributing Necky Kayaks and Kokatat paddling gear. At the same event Necky introduced the Elaho. The Isle Au Haut (an island off the Maine coast) and The Elaho (a river in BC).

While both boats were well received as very different and offering unique features, their similar sounding names caused them to be confused for each other over the years.

Some twenty years out from that paddling event, when Marc and Ron bought Lincoln, Marc got me out of retirement and I was excited to help because of my respect for Sandy’s designs and Marc’s plan to take Lincoln to a good place. 

When I started I chose to paddle a Eggemoggin a boat for the medium to large paddler. Then while standing in a tradeshow booth and looking at the Isle Au Haut and its updated deck design, I thought “that’s not that small.” I was curious.

Nick Dyslin paddling the Isle Au Haut in coastal waters off Beaufort, NC. 

The next step was to try a demo: GREAT FIT, NO BOW WAVE, FEELS GOOD. Then a paddle: light to the touch, rock solid, really gets up to speed fast, handles the bump and it tracks like it’s on rails. And at the end it’s light to put on the truck.

So whether it’s the Adirondack Coast or off Shackleford Banks or any place in between, I am loving this boat! 

I am so very glad that the Isle Au Haut has crossed my path again

- Nick Dyslin -

Why Saltspray?

Because to us, saltspray is what adventure tastes like. Salt is a basic yet integral component of natural life and as a word it weaves its way through our language. At Lincoln we seek out the salt of the earth to join us on the next adventure, our boats are worth their salt, and we've all bought a lobster (or several) from a salty 'ol fisherman while paddling the coast of Maine. Saltspray. It's our blog and we hope you'll enjoy.