Lincoln and a very happy New Year.

Why you should make a Lincoln part of your resolutions?

At the beginning of 2015, statistician Nate Silver wrote that about 44 percent of Americans will set out to announce a resolution and a solid half of those pledges will fail. 

As 2015 comes to a close, and we stand on the cusp of 2016 it’s time to make our resolutions. Whether you’re gearing up to eat better, exercise more, reduce stress, appreciate more or just be a better person, we’re convinced that paddling a Lincoln could be the perfect tool to make this year different. A success.

Exercise. There are many ways to get active that also take you to breathtaking natural settings, but there is something entirely different about being on the water versus hiking alongside it. The paddle in the water is working your lats and your obliques, but the sound of it hitting the water is just about the most soothing thing in the world. 

This, of course, brings me to reducing stress. Between the rhythm you fall into on a long paddle (which is also making you super fit) and the hundreds of enjoyable, natural sounds like wildlife and tides, to the orchestra of the working waterfront, I’m hard pressed to remember a time when the sounds surrounding me on a paddle didn’t melt away most of my worries. Polish it off with yoga and you’ll likely fall asleep in downward facing dog.  

We can all admit we get lost in the grind from time to time and then start to realize we’ve been forgetting to appreciate our world. It hasn’t happened to you? Well, good on you. For those of us who have gotten lost in it, throwing that canoe in the river or jumping in the kayak for a paddle, however quick, is an instant remedy. Look around. Soak it in. Our world is damn beautiful, right? 

So, nothing above applies to you. You’re appreciating the world around you every millisecond that passes by and you can wash a shirt on your abs already. So what’s left. Well, you decide that you could probably take a look at that diet and eat a little better. Well we’d like you to define better. We have had spam on the trail, so that’s probably not better. But there is something about how freakin’ good food tastes after 10 miles of paddling. We have to eat to live, but planning out meals for a three day trek brings a certain level of pleasure back into the equation. Plan a healthy meal or plan spam and eggs. But plan, get out there and enjoy it all, every last salty bite.

How can a Lincoln make you a better person? Let me count the ways. Paddlers truly do have a stronger connection to and appreciation of the natural world. They have an affection for an active lifestyle and thus become healthier individuals. Those of you lucky enough to call yourselves Lincoln owners have supported a company that’s been alive and well, manufacturing goods in the United States for 56 years. 

So, friends, what’s your resolution? Share below and we’ll try to find a way to connect it to spending more time in a canoe and/or kayak. 

Happy New Year and as always, happy paddling.  

Why Saltspray?

Because to us, saltspray is what adventure tastes like. Salt is a basic yet integral component of natural life and as a word it weaves its way through our language. At Lincoln we seek out the salt of the earth to join us on the next adventure, our boats are worth their salt, and we've all bought a lobster (or several) from a salty 'ol fisherman while paddling the coast of Maine. Saltspray. It's our blog and we hope you'll enjoy.