Lincoln Canoe & Kayak - Parlor Skis - Collaboration

We are so stoked to work on this collaboration with Parlor Skis. Like minds, hand built in New England, where the mountains and the lakes and rivers live together...

A breif interview with Marc Bourgoin and check out the video below:

Can you give everyone a little bit of background on Lincoln as a company? What's the story?

MB:  Lincoln is the oldest composite canoe and kayak manufacturer in the US, founded in 1959. We were founded by two college students looking for a lighter weight canoe for traveling through the wilds of northern Canada. First generation canoes were manufactured in Stow Massachusetts and a short time after that operations were moved to Maine. Two years ago we decided to bring Lincoln back home to Mass and we landed in Amesbury.


When did you build your first canoe or kayak?

MB: I built my first kayak in 1989. I was working for a wilderness tripping program called Chewonki where I was one of the Guides co-leading a group of teenagers from around the world. For the first three weeks of the program we each built our own Greenland style kayak which we then paddled from Wiscasset, Maine down the coast to Bar Harbor, taking another three weeks. It was a pretty cool experience for a college kid that without a doubt laid down some foundation for what we’re doing today.


What do you like most about working in the paddle sports industry?

MB: We build a product that opens up the opportunity to get outside, on the water and explore and connect with natural spaces. That’s pretty empowering.


What's your favorite thing about this partnership? 

MB: It combines skiing and boating, which are two of my favorite passions. Through skiing, I was introduced to boating and have been engaged in both at a fairly high level for pretty much my whole adult life. What's really cool about this collaboration is that Parlor get's it too, we don't take what we do lightly. It's not easy and it's pretty humbling when you hear from your customers that your product has changed their lives and brought them so much joy. This makes the challenges of running a small manufacturing business worth it in a lot of ways.


Check out our video of hanging out, skiing, and canoeing with the Parlor Crew.

Why Saltspray?

Because to us, saltspray is what adventure tastes like. Salt is a basic yet integral component of natural life and as a word it weaves its way through our language. At Lincoln we seek out the salt of the earth to join us on the next adventure, our boats are worth their salt, and we've all bought a lobster (or several) from a salty 'ol fisherman while paddling the coast of Maine. Saltspray. It's our blog and we hope you'll enjoy.