Trying out new colors on the Lincoln Schoodic

We're having a lot of fun in our new Amesbury, MA location. The move has definitely been good for us all.  Often, in ways we never could have anticipated. 

A change of scenery can give you a jolt of new energy and we are game to take full advantage of it. 


Pictured above is one of our team members, Chris, who is responsible for finishing every boat that leaves the manufacturing floor. The boat he's working on is a Lincoln Schoodic and the specifications are listed below. All we can say is this is one sweet looking' boat. Will make whoever paddles it look pretty fantastic once the ice melts. 

Model: Schoodic
Materials: Carbon Fiber
Weight: 37 pounds, 16.8 kilograms
Colors: Clear coat hull, White Deck, Heather/Maroon Trim
Lives: At Lincoln Canoe & Kayak

That's right, this boat could be yours. Take a look at the Schoodic Sell Sheet for kayak specifications.

Custom orders always welcome!

Why Saltspray?

Because to us, saltspray is what adventure tastes like. Salt is a basic yet integral component of natural life and as a word it weaves its way through our language. At Lincoln we seek out the salt of the earth to join us on the next adventure, our boats are worth their salt, and we've all bought a lobster (or several) from a salty 'ol fisherman while paddling the coast of Maine. Saltspray. It's our blog and we hope you'll enjoy.