Schoodic (NEW DESIGN)


Schoodic (NEW DESIGN)

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The Schoodic is as unique and beautiful as the peninsula after which it is named.  The Schoodic is a great fit for smaller paddlers looking for a highly efficient kayak that is also incredibly lightweight and playful on the water.

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You are sure to be the envy of many in this gorgeous Lincoln. It’s strong, fast, and responsive in all of the conditions you’ll meet in Downeast Maine and beyond.

Picture yourself setting off for the day with your destination many miles away. You’ll glide through the coastal waters with ease while looking fantastic along the journey. The Schoodic is a kayak to be both enjoyed and admired.

Proudly made in the USA.

Length: 16' 
Beam: 22.5"
Cockpit: 16" x 30.5"
Depth: 9.75"
Hull shape: Fish form
Hull design: Pronounced V
Kevlar / Aramid weight: 42 pounds
Carbon weight: 37 pounds
Paddler capacity: 180 pounds