We've been around a while. 

Lincoln had its humble beginnings in Stow Massachusetts in 1959 and since that time has always called New England home.

It all started when two young college students had just returned from a summer spent exploring northern Canada's wilderness by canoe. Their craft was an 80-pound, 18-foot aluminum canoe, (state of the art at the time). They trudged along... all the while they thought "there must be a better way". Upon their return, they set out to find a better way. They built the first Lincoln to be one that would be lighter and easier to handle. 

Today, we continue to build each boat with the same end result: an incredibly lightweight vessel with precision handling and beautiful lines.

Lincoln continues to lead the way in using the latest technologies and materials to create some of the finest small crafts on the market. Lincoln is owned and operated by "Maine Guide" Marc Bourgoin.

We're proud to recognize and continue a legacy known for innovation and excellence in design and performance.

About Maine Guides:

Registered Maine Guides have a long and colorful history along with being recognized around the world as the gold standard in outdoor skills and knowledge. Maine Guides were first registered by the state 1897. The Maine Professional Guides Association is made up of Registered Maine Guides who strive to enhance the standards of guiding. They are professionals dedicated to quality, ethical outdoor experiences.




Founded in 1959 in Stow, Massachusetts, USA and still Made in America by a dedicated team of professionals

ISO compliant precision manufacturing

High quality handcrafted canoes and kayaks using the highest quality advanced lightweight composite materials

Experienced team of talented boat designers and builders focused on 100% customer satisfaction

Local and national recognition for performance and quality

Countless happy customers around the world