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"I love this boat.... fell in love the first time I paddled it and have felt right at home ever since". 

Denise Hurt

The bar has been raised with this fantastic addition to the Lincoln Family. The updated version of Lincoln's most popular kayak has it all

At 14' 6" and hosting a tighter cockpit. The Chebeague has all the features and benefits of long touring kayaks but in a shorter, lighter weight package. 


"Chebeague" Kayak Overview - PRESS PLAY TO WATCH THE VIDEO




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Reflective Deck Line: Increase paddlers visibility and provide secure hand holds during rescue and on water re-entry.

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Rubber Hatches: Watertight bow & stern storage. Flexible rim for easy on & off. 8" Bow & 10" Stern.

chebeaugue cockpit.jpg

Keyhole Cockpit: Integral thigh braces for enhanced support, control and comfort.


Fiberglass Bucket Seat with 6" back-band. Ergonomically designed to prevent fatigue while providing exceptional support and comfort.

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Deck Bungees: Strategically placed in front of cockpit for securing charts, water bottles, & extra paddles.

Recessed Decks Fittings: Functional layout and locations provide clean finish. Plus self-assist paddle float configuration aft of cockpit.




Full Keel Strip: Protective strip of 3 inch fiberglass installed along the full length of the hull’s center line from bow to stern.

schoodic rudder.jpg

Retractable Skeg: Kajak-Sport skeg control with injection molded low profile fiberglass reinforced nylon skeg blade.


Skid Plates: Protective strip of 3 inch fiberglass extending 3 feet from end of bow and stern.




Length: 14' 6"          Beam: 24"          Cockpit: 16" x 30.5"          Depth: 12"
Fiberglass / Aramid Weight: 37 pounds (15.9 kg)          Carbon Weight: 32 pounds (12.7 kg)
Hull Shape: Asymmetrical          Hull Design: Shallow V






Start Your Custom Build

All Lincoln watercraft are handcrafted one at a time in Amesbury, MA. We build your watercraft custom to you. Before we start your build, you’ll select several options from layup type to color scheme. If you have a special request or just a question, we’d love to help. We’re here for you every step of the way. Call or chat.