Lincolns are light! Making them easier to carry, load and paddle. 

Lighter: Explore more with less effort.

A lighter kayak means easier to carry, transport and easier to paddle. Think of the benefits of a lightweight bicycle - they're very similar. When you're kayak or canoe is a Lincoln, you're likely to explore more waterways or go out for an evening paddle after work. This is because the experience is so much easier than with traditional plastic boats. Put it right on the car with ease. 

Efficient hull design: Keep gliding or "coasting" per stroke.

Less resistance results in more glide. Our hulls are designed to keep "coasting". Similar to the bicycle comparison; your paddle stroke moves the boat further with less effort and it keeps going when you stop paddling. More efficient and less fatiguing - makes you want to keep doing it. The short video at the bottom of the page shows a Chebeague gliding... 

Stiff: Transfer your energy.

Don't let your friends try your Lincoln... It might be tough to get it back. More of your paddling energy goes toward making the boat move rather than being absorbed by flex. What this feels like is when you look back and your friends are a football field behind you. You're not trying to get away, it just happens. 

Comfortable: Sit and hang out for a while.

Lincoln's seat offerings consist of our sculpted fiberglass composite "sport seat" (available with carbon racing stripes) and our "comfort seat" for recreational models. The fiberglass sport seat is the perfect balance of lightweight, performance and comfort. Complete with adjustable back band, when dialed in with the proper footrest position; creates an incredibly ergonomic place of business. The multi-point adjustable high backrest and seat cushion of the comfort seat is like your favorite chair at home. Flexible, supportive, forgiving, all-day comfortable.