Our designs and build process produce exceptionally lightweight boats. The result is that our boats are responsive, have great glide and are exceptionally stable. Lincolns are a joy to paddle. 

The Lincoln represents an all around lighter kayak. Easier to carry, load and paddle. For me, it is a longer and faster kayak than my other kayaks. It is definitely ‘the one’ and it fits like a glove.
— Martin Rachels
schoodic rear hatches.jpg

Fit and finish: Style is a part of what we do.

Form meets function: sexy meets purpose.

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Attention to detail: It really does make a difference.


touring Kayaks

If you "wear a kayak", buy one that fits. We offer two sizes in our expedition kayaks, both well suited for the adventure paddler. The 16 foot Schoodic and the 17 foot 2 inch Isle Au Haut are named after incredible paddling spots along the coast of Maine, where you can comfortably explore in either vessel. They offer superior tracking and handling in a variety of conditions and have the carrying capacity to get out and camp. 


Day Touring KAYAKS

Our day touring category features incredibly sea worthy crafts that are perfect for day or overnight excursions. Two perfect day paddling explorers are our "Quoddy Light" & "Chebeague" models. The "Seguin" is even more capable for overnighting as well as being designed for surfing waves. Our tandem, the "Two Lights", allows for families with young children or couples to experience the water together.



The Diamonds are Lincoln's two recreation class kayaks. Both are tremendously lightweight, making them a breeze to paddle. Their spacious cockpits are ideal for nature photography, fishing or a leisurely paddle to observe all that Mother Nature has to show you. Grab one for camp. Make it two!