The Little Diamond is a recreational kayak. At 10' 10" it is the smallest of the Lincoln family but still paddles smoothly.

The hull design allows for good tracking, stability and speed for such a small boat. 

This boat loves to play. A great fit for bird watchers, photographers, fishermen or anyone looking for a highly maneuverable, stable platform to explore their waterways. 

Perfect for camp. Grab one today. Better yet, snag yourself two!


"Little Diamond" Kayak Overview - PRESS PLAY TO WATCH THE VIDEO




LD Deck bungie 2.jpg

Deck Bungees: Strategically placed in front of cockpit for securing charts, water bottles, & extra paddles.

LD Seat detail 2.jpg

Keyhole Cockpit: Large 22" x 36.75" dimensions allows open or half skirt cockpit setup. 

Rubber Hatches: 8" watertight cover for stern storage. Flexible rim for easy on & off. 

LD name logo.jpg

Ultra Light Weight: As our smallest kayak the Little diamond is extremely light with some layups weighing as little as just 29 pounds!

Little Diamond cockpit seat.jpg

New 3-way Adjustable Seat for increased comfort and support. Seat pan adjusts upwards for increased support on the legs. Backrest can adjust upwards to 10" and forward for increased lower back support. Seat is also covered in a soft breathable material for enhanced comfort. 

Toggles: Bow and Stern




Smarttrack Toe Control Rudder System: Instead of sliding your feet forward and back as with standard pedals, your feet stay braced at all times.


Full Keel Strip: Protective strip of 3 inch fiberglass installed along the full length of the hull’s center line from bow to stern.


Skid Plates: Protective strip of 3 inch fiberglass extending 3 feet from end of bow and stern.




Length: 10' 10"
Beam: 28"
Cockpit: 22" x 36.75"
Depth: 13"

Hull Shape: Asymmetrical
Hull Design: Shallow V

Fiberglass/Aramid Weight: 29 pounds (13.1 kg)
Carbon Weight: 27 pounds (12.2 kg)






Start Your Custom Build

All Lincoln watercraft are handcrafted one at a time in Amesbury, MA. We build your watercraft custom to you. Before we start your build, you’ll select several options from layup type to color scheme. If you have a special request or just a question, we’d love to help. We’re here for you every step of the way. Call or chat.