The 14' Sportsman is designed to a perfectly stable platform for all the hunting and/or fishing you can fit into the season.

Another great boat designed by Tim Stewart. Order ahead of the season so you'll have it for Day #1. 

Call us to order a custom camouflage paint job or discuss other hunting/fishing hardware. 

Lincoln's Canoeing Roots - PRESS PLAY TO WATCH VIDEO




Concord Canoe Carbon 3.jpg

Aluminum Gunwales: Black Anodized gunwales. 1 piece slip-on per side. 

Concord Canoe Carbon.jpg

Fiberglass bow and stern decks.

Canoe Seat black web.jpg

Standard Canoe Seat: Black web.




Ash Gunwales: 2 piece per side. Rounded over outer with square inner gunwale.

Mahoghony bow and stern decks.


Contoured Canoe Seats: Cane or black web. 




Length: 14'
Width at Waterline: 39"
Width at Rails: 38"
Depth: 12"
Bow Height: 19.5"

Hull Shape: Symmetrical
Hull Design: Shallow arch

Fiberglass Weight: 65 pounds (with vinyl rails)
Capacity: 825 pounds



Start Your Custom Build

All Lincoln watercraft are handcrafted one at a time in Amesbury, MA. We build your watercraft custom to you. Before we start your build, you’ll select several options from layup type to color scheme. If you have a special request or just a question, we’d love to help. We’re here for you every step of the way. Call or chat.